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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Make unlimited Free Bitcoin with this trick


Want to make free bitcoin over and over again, as much as you want with a legit method? Then read on, but first go get a bitcoin wallet if you don't have one

Are all decent wallet choices (but far from the only ones out there)

Next, you're going to need a account

    Now before you try this always make sure you have enough bitcoin in your account to cover the unlikely event that you lose 6 (six) in a row or else you lose bad.
    I did this in real time so you can see...first set your hi lo game as such

Ill admit to not knowing what the heck "randomize client seed" means, but I seem to get better results with it not clicked. You want to set it to return to base bet after a win and set it to raise bet by 100% on a loss.  By doing this you'll either win the initial amount of the bet or you'll win twice as much as you lost on the previous bet. Losing seven times in a row is statistically unlikely so you almost always win this way. So does it work?  let's find out......

Here I am autoplaying with 100 rolls, 300 rolls and 500 rolls twice, as you can see, my bet of 0.00000010 nets about 0.0002000+ per 500 rolls, which takes about 1-2 minutes to complete, not a bad haul if you don't mind doing it all day.

Well that's all for now, keep on clicking. Oh and don't try this if you don't understand something in the explanation, for heavens heaven's sake ask me first, I'd hate for you to lose everything because you got something wrong.

Deutsche Bitcoin PTC

Deutsche Bitcoin PTC

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Need to make money online? Do it with PTCs

The top PTC sites so far in 2017

  Looking to earn easy money online with PTC sites? Here are a few of the top sites which are paying out this year, this is far from an exhaustive list though.






Friday, April 28, 2017

Free Cryptocurrency Mining with MinerGate


(Included below are some links to interesting cryptocurrency information)
Are You new to the world of decentralized cryptocurrency? Confused about what it is? Always wanted to mine for altcoins but never knew how? Did you even know Bitcoin wasn't the only form of cryptocurrency out There? Well good news, if you ever wanted to get into currency mining then the MinerGate site is for you. It allows users to mine a pretty extensive list of major cryptocoins, and best of all it's free! Now you can mine without paying any pool fees or taking any risk, it's perfect for beginners looking to get a feel for it or just curious to see what it's all about.  Their forum is very helpful for beginners also, definitely a site to check out.

Until next time, keep on clicking
-Jaundice Kennedy

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Is it just me?

I'm sure we've all seen this PTC layout in our endless clicks at some point if we've been in the PTC game for any amount of time, but I just noticed.......whats going on with this chicks hands?

Best Return on Investment for advertising? HQclix

Hey all, quick blog update for today....I just got through with a one day fixed ad at HQclix, and I felt the need to share with you all. In terms of money spent on advertising, I dont think you'll find a better value, check it!

These are my end stats on a one day 10 second fixed ad.  It got me 3 direct referrals, which, considering the cost of the ad was well worth it. And, wait for it....wait for it.....these fixed ads are currently priced at $1.50. That's right a dollar fifty, if there is a better value for ad space on a PTC site, then I'm not aware of it.

This is a wonderful deal, especially for people struggling in the PTC world so I applaud HQclix for this. Go check them out and get yourself some sweet low cost traffic here

Monday, April 24, 2017

BrainBux PTC too good to be true?


  So what's with the high payout? This can't be legit right, that payout isn't sustainable! Not only high paying but just look at the amount of ads they offer!

And this is only a fraction of their ads, in increments of 0.20, 0.10 and 0.05 per click.  So this cant be legit can it? Well there are a few catches.....first you can only click 100 of their approximately 10 million ads per day. And second in order to request a cash out you need to have 10 active referrals under you. Plus be warned some of their ads are NSFW.
   According to this emoneyspace forum the site is most likely a scam, however the site does seem to offer a forum now.  Any just be wary of sites like this that seem to good to be true. To be fair to Brainbux though I have yet to see anyone flat out claim they haven't been paid by BrainBux, and with their high pay amount they still let me use my balance for advertising space so it's something at least ha! So its basically a traffic exchange site that calls itself a PTC, as far as I'm concerned. Anyway keep on clicking, Have a good one 
-Jaundice Kennedy 

PTCsite huge amount of daily ads

Dimondclix: that's diamond with no 'A'

So just signed up for this site, I'll have updates as I go, but right off the bat I gotta say wow! This site has probably the most daily paid per click ads out of any site I've seen, besides neobux.  How many ads, you ask? My available ads upon sign up today (and yes I counted) total 157, some of which pay $0.02 cents per click.

I am NOT lying when I say there's alot of click earning potential.

These four screen shots were all from today.

Normally this would be a scam flag, however the pay per click amounts are scaled in a way that I can still see this site turning a profit(the majoriry of those 157 paid ads pay far less than 2 cents), combine that with the fact that this site just made it's one year anniversary. That means profits for the site and its members as the high amount of ads if all clicked would give you a higher payout than the average PTCsite.   They also put a 50 cent sign up bonus into your purchase balance, when you first sign up.

Until next time, Keep on clicking everyone
-Jaundice Kennedy

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Site offers a unique PTC cash back program

New site with a unique concept. The site is called ptc-refback and it offers you the opportunity to earn a percentage (up to 100% for certain sites, average cash back is around 70% for most sites) of referral earnings that you earn as their referral.
   The site works by signing up for selected PTC sites, then when you log into their site, they have their referral links posted, you sign up under them as a referral and they pay you the comission they earn from you and your downline. Here's a break down of the math straight from the site.
    It's a fairly interesting concept and the site offers an account where you can track your cash back earnings rather than just have it be a verbal contract from the site admins. It's also beneficial for increasing earnings if you're the type who has trouble getting large sums of referrals.

Register Here to check it out:

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Clixclan PTC trial

Here is another new PTCsite I'll be trying out for the next week or so.  It's pay per clicks are on par with most others, direct earnings for you own clicks seems to be about five to eight cents per day. However this is one of the few PTC sites that are currently adding a cash bonus to not only your purchase account, but also your earnings account ($0.25) in each upon sign up, and new referrals get premium upgrade trial. I will update this post as the week progresses, Cheers and keep on clicking.
-Jaundice Kennedy

Brand New PTC free 7 day gold upgrade

Hello all, just a quick heads up on a new PTC, offering free 7 day gold membership trial for the 1st 10k sign ups. Hurry spots filling fast.

It's usually a bad sign when alot of the PTC click ads available are just the admins fishing for referrals. But for now they get the benefit of a doubt as that's not wrong, it's just never been a positive sign, in my experience.

Coinbux site back

As of the time of this writing site is currently undergoing "maintenance"? Will see how it goes, they were a decent paying site for the brief time they existed.
posted 4-22-17 @ 3:40pm Hawaii standard time.

UPDATE: The site is back online Sunday April 23, 2017

Cheers All,
Jaundice Kennedy
Cryptocurrency is the future, mine your choice of coin here FREE!

What is PTC?

PTC Basics
    PTC stands for paid to click and they are a group of websites whos business model is based off a webmaster being paid advertising revenue to display advertisements on his or her website then offering a small portion of that ad revenue to potential customers in exchange for viewing the ads. On average site users will be paid around 0.01$ per ad click per day. That means you probably could have made more in a day by checking in between your couch cushions, based on direct earnings (PTC sites generally limit the amount of paid ads you get in a 24hour period).
    Okay, so not the greatest sales pitch in favor of PTC, but hold on, these sites have a powerful tool built into their business infrastructure:The referral program. By it's very nature PTC sites need a constant flow of members signing up to keep that sweet sweet ad money rolling in, so as an incentive to make it worth your while they will pay you an amount equal to some percentage of earnings made by any member you refer to the site, via a unique referral link that you receive on sign up. With this in place, you're earnings are only really limited by the amount of people you can refer to the site (provided the people remain active in the site as well, but more on that in another post).
    As an example let's say you earn 100% of your referrals earnings with 10 one cent ads per day and you recruit 100 active referrals, that's 10 dollars in one day without doing anything.  That's basically how PTC sites operate and its this aspect of the industry that attracts people like me, something about creating little trickles of income from various free sites amazes me, like mining for gold during the gold rush.  But enough of me rambling I'm sure you're ready to start clicking so rather than bore you with a few more paragraphs about the various features you'll find on a PTC site, I'll leave you to it.
    Pick a site and dive right in, if you encounter anything in the PTC site you choose click here for general site explanations. And if you aren't sure where to start here is a list of PTC sites I feel are well suited for giving a decent idea of what to expect from PTC sites.

Payment Verification Lol!!!


alright so, not gonna lie I only signed up for OrangeClix for their $4.00 purchase balance sign up bonus, but today it is with great pride that I can post payment proof from them to my PayPal account.
They weren't kidding when they said no minimum payout!

Anyway, have good one all.

Coming Up Tomorrow:

Mine all the major altcoins with this one program, free and theres an app for on the go, definitely something worth checking out if you're into cryptocurrencies

Friday, April 21, 2017

PTC Spotlight: w3adz

Spot light on PTCsite:w3adz

    Started in 2017 this PTC site is quite ambitious. But that's ok because the site owners behind this site have refreshing amount of transparency when discussing their business model and their goals for the growth and future of their site.

    Site Features:
minimum payout:$2(for standard members)
payment methods:several (no PayPal however) Payza, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, etc.
membership upgrade: Pioneer (given to the 1st 10k sign ups only) silver, gold and diamond.
activity required: 4 ad clicks per day minimum to collect referral earnings
rent referrals:starting @ 5 for $1
buy referrals: starting @ 5 for $9.99
paid to Click ads: starting at 100cr for $0.15
paid to sign up ads:starting at 10 for $4.50
paid to Click pay range: $0.0001 to $0.02
sidegames: clixgrid, crack the vault and heads/tails
current referral contest:reach 500 referrals and earn diamond membership upgrade.
features a revshare option

    Aside from these basic site stats, the sites admin are very hands on/Quick to respond and seem to genuinely care if this business succeeds or not. To help make recruiting easier they started a sign up promotion for all recruits before 20k, which is free 7day gold membership trial and $0.05 added to purchase balance.

    The admins also show a talent for forward thinking which is good in a business such as PTC.  This is evidenced by their current promotion where they will give you cash back and ad credits if you advertise your w3adz referral link on neobux. Their reasoning behind this is the increased exposure will increase w3adz membership and they're willing to invest in that.
    Another feature that w3adz offers is the ability to give cash to your downline members as incentives to remain active or to purchase advertising or upgrades.
    And finally, w3adz feature that sets them farthest ahead of the pack in terms of up start PTC websites, is ZLG. That stands for Zero Loss Guarantee. They state that if you invest in them they guarantee that you will see a profit or they will pay you the difference plus compensation. It's features like these that should make this PTCsite among your top choices when searching for a PTC Site to sign up with.

    All in all, as far as new PTC sites go, is one of the sites I'm most excited for. I see this site sticking around for awhile.

5$ purchase balance sign up promo


So let me start by saying that this site seems to have some definite problems, to the point that I would suggest not investing to much time into it as it seems to be falling apart, from out of whack affiliate ads getting in the way of site content to a majority of click ads being invalid (only fixed ads seem to be working). That being said they currently, as of 6pm Hawaii standard time April 21st 2017, have a 5$ sign up bonus running for new members, this is a good opportunity for free advertising, as it still seems to have an active member base. FYI none of the click ads besides fixed ads are working so I'd use my 5 bucks on that.

sorry for the blurry quality but that says 570 clicks so far, not bad for free. I got the 1day 5 second fixed ad in case anyone was keeping score.

Introduction, Welcome

    So is everybody ready to get paid? I hope everyone remembered to bring their brown sack with the dollar sign on the front because it's the first post of my brand new PTC blog! This is more or less a test post for right now but check back often because I've got a lot of content on the way.

the Michael Jordan of PTC sites

    I started this blog mainly to help other struggling PTC folk by having this blog be a place to get all your PTC info gathered in one place. Hopefully this will turn into a place of ibformation, new developments in the industry, site specifics, hints/tips, strategy and more.
   Anytime I see an ad involving a referral system I feel like I'm apparently the only one who isn't making several million a year in the PC industry so I made this blog in the hopes that it wont just be a place where the only goal is to get you to Click on my referral link (for reference, here's a shameless example

    gaining a payday through several minor streams of income always fascinated me, ever since I first came across PTC sites and I've been hooked ever since. That's all for now please do comment or send me an email if you wish. Keep on clickin, see you next time.
-J. Kennedy