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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Snappy Appy Pie

    Ok, so, stupid name but they let you make an app for free (paid options available) The creating of your app is pretty user friendly and relatively painless, unless you pay they don't allow you to edit your app, so make damn sure you've dotted all your T's and crossed all your I (I'm aware I got those mixed up but I don't feel like backspacing).  If you go check out my app you'll notice that the welcome screen for my app is blank, and since I didn't pay I can't edit it if I do decide to pay I can though, I just made my app as a trial run.  Anyway check my app out, I'm actually using it as a hub to log in to all my TE websites and it's pretty darn handy.

shameless affiliate link to the site

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I need traffic, Misadventures in Online marketing

Misadventures In Online Marketing: TE jungle

    Previously on, In a bid to stave off the villainous 9-to-5 job, our hero Jaundice Kennedy looked to the internet for help, however the internet and its online earning opportunities failed him.  All hope was seemingly lost and our hero struggled through a 10 year long battle of epic proportions. This 10 year period would see high speed chases, daring rescues, the over throw of a brutal dictatorship, dragon slaying, a dance competition to save an after school program and a battle of wits between our hero and the most cunning serial killer this world has ever known.
    However, in the interest of time, we fast forward to present day where the protagonist, me, Jaundice Kennedy has valiantly spent all of his money five days before his next paycheck.
    So my story picks back up 10 years after the events of my last post (I glossed over that whole action packed 10 year period in between because I didn't want to bore you.) Anyway, I had largely forgot about earning anything resembling money online, however, a number of factors would cause me to revisit the subject.  The main factor being my negative bank account balance (Pro tip: If you ever want to talk to an actual human being at your bank and not an automated robot voice, just get your account balance below zero. They're surprisingly easy to get a hold of once that happens. In fact THEY call YOU!).

She's running out of patience because I kept pressing '9' to speak to an actual human through out our phone call.

    You see, I had gone out on a date and rather than just admit that I miiiight have slightly embellished my monetary worth, I dug my heels in and kept throwing cash around as though the amount of money I was spending didn't have me formulating possible ways to fake my own death.
    "Of course this dinner bill isn't going to be an issue, I've got it covered.  Only $250 dollars for that chicken nugget sized piece of fillet mignon and dollop of garlic mashed potatoes you ordered?!? What's a more flattering term for 'cheap date'? fiscally responsible date? But nevermind that, what say we cap off this evening with a private helicopter ride above the city skyline?"
    Finding yourself with a negative 7 dollar bank account makes bargain hunters out of even the most frivolous spenders among us and that was the boat I found myself in.  Ramen supplies were critically low, I had suffered casualties in the form of my netflix subscription and I was already having to resort to wearing some of the more questionable items in my wardrobe due to not being able to do laundry.

"What are you talking about? I always dress like this...alright look, it was either this or a shirt of Urkel with the words 'Did I do that? underneath.'"

   I actually made up a niece and some nonsense about her school doing a week long "Going Green" pledge drive, to explain why I was riding my bike to work instead of driving. I attended an amateur art exhibit because the promoter mentioned a free snack table and I even hit up my local library because I recalled there being a dish full of candy at the front desk.  That library trip was particularly awkward because I decided to pretend to be there to get information about library related topics, as I figured it would have been rude if I just parked my self at the front desk, silently stuffing my face with free candy.  The only problem was that I didn't realize how quickly I'd run out of decent questions to ask and so by about my 3rd question it was becoming increasingly apparent that I was just there to eat as much candy as I could before they kicked me out. (click here for a bonus sidenote question about librarians!!!).

"The Dewey decimal system is neither dewy nor does it utilize decimals in a traditional mathematical sense, so suck it lady!!"

    Basically what I'm saying is, I was hopelessly broke.  This caused me to recall my SwagBucks account which I hadn't logged into in awhile.  I was stoked to see I had almost 11k swagbucks saved up which was enough for a 100 dollar gift card.  However, they informed me that I wouldn't be getting it for around 5 business days.  This got me thinking about online earning possibilities again, so I decided to AskJeeves about it (All the electronics in my home began mocking me for thinking that was still relevant, so I switched to Google instead.)  In my search for ways to dig myself out of this situation I was shown an ad for the PTC site (that I mentioned in my previous post related to this one) Neobux. Upon seeing this my first thought was "@#$&!" followed by, "I wonder how much I could have earned if I had stuck with it?"  This inevitably caused me to look further into what advancements had been made in online money making.  Which lead me to decide to start a shameless website and blog stuffed with affiliate links, with little to no context or typed explanation about what these banners were.  For clarification sake, here is an example...

    I once again took to Google to figure out what my problem was when it came to building my downline, I ended up keying in on two problems I identified.  These problems were lack of worthwhile content on my webpage and lack of traffic flow to my site.  So I decided to tackle the content problem first, however after about 30 minutes I realized how hard it was to come up with decent, original content and gave up on that, instead turning my attention toward the other problem, lack of traffic flow.  This is how I ended up revisiting the world of traffic exchanges I had dabbled in so long ago.  This time around though, I was confronted with a totally different world from what I remembered, full of surf sessions, rotators, badges, surf networks and built in mini-games.

Actual footage of me after Googling traffic exchanges

     I was completely lost.  This was when I came up with an idea for an original content article.  I'd describe my experience trying to navigate this confusing world and get free traffic in the process.  At first I thought I'd sign up for a few traffic exchanges that were representative of the prevailing models at the time and talk about what I liked or didn't like about each and describe differences and features, but the act of even typing that sentence, just now, caused me to fall asleep midway through due to boredom.  Plus, while trying to find suitable representatives to sign up for, to feature in my article, I was absolutely assaulted with a never ending torrent of advertising campaigns persuading me to join the seemingly infinite tide of traffic exchange websites in existence and there was no way I could decide without feeling like the results of my article were influenced in some way.

Just in case my earlier example wasn't clear here are more affiliate links

     When I first decided to try out a few traffic exchanges, I wasn't aware that I'd have about 500 million options to wade through.  I eventually got frustrated and decided that if the traffic exchange industry was going to bombard me with offers, that I would bombard them with my pretty face.  So, with little preparation, forethought or training I charged head first into the army of traffic exchanges before me and started signing up to them all.  Knowing that I'd never sign up for them all, I came up with my current article idea....I would surf 100 traffic exchanges in a semi trackable way.  I'd start with one site, surfing for an hour, once that sites hour was up, I'd sign up for the next traffic exchange whose ad I was presented with, in a first come first served manner and surf that for an hour.  Rinse and repeat until I had reached membership in 100 traffic exchanges.
    Alright folks, real talk for a minute, I actually did do this as described, but any sort of focus in what I wanted to accomplish only started taking shape as I progressed through the 100 level website gauntlet.  The reason I say this is because I did make several observations which could be useful, but my initial lack of focus makes me wish I had come into this with a set of clearly defined stats to focus on.  What this means is that I'm having to do this again, with the benefit of hindsight, which isn't a bad thing, as I have a clear goal in mind now as opposed to just blindly surfing, but at the same time....surfing 100 traffic exchanges in 100 hours is brutal.

    Next time on, It's a classic clash between unmotivated underdog and marginalized industry juggernaut. Our hero gives the finger to Adsense and Google's indexing algorithms by bravely tackling traffic exchanges from a first person perspective.  But does our hero have what it takes to withstand the onslaught of the online marketing world.  Will our hero realize he has all but ignored his initial problem of being broke?  Or can he do what can't be done, and provide influencers in the niche with helpful insight from an industry outsider?

Monday, May 29, 2017

Not Cool Captcha, Not Cool.

  We haven't even been properly introduced.

Welcome to Online Cash World

Online Cash World

Here's a random premade free blog site I found. Good for use as a supplemental companion blog to your already existing blogs or websites. Helpful in creating a blog network to drive exposure.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Take a look at why I became a member of InfinityTrafficBoost...

Take a look at why I became a member of InfinityTrafficBoost...

This was generated for me when I clicked their share to blogger if you do take a look, can you remind me why I became a member too?

The PTC Warehouse

My eMoneySpace free website, that you too can create, but post your own banners, it's good enough for a free page.

Been paid by most of these PTCs btw, lol ikr jhddf, nidjrl, ttyl.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Pdf Article on Mistakes made when publishing an E-zine

I haven't posted anything in a few days and I'm super busy at the moment, so Here's a cop out link to some PLR article I downloaded.

In case you're unfamiliar with PLR it stands for Private Label Rights and it basically means you can download the article, video, ebook,etc. and do whatever you want with it (like post it on a blog when you're strapped for time.)

Here's the place where I got it.  Be careful of just copy and pasting a bunch of PLR content on your blog or website though, as Google has a burning hatred for doing that and will de-index you, till you learn not to do what it hated.
  It's sad though because some of the stuff on that site can be fairly useful information, but whatevs.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Brand New Traffic Exchange, ThunderAlleyTE


ThunderAlleyTE just turned up, it's owned by the same guy who runs RoyalFlushTE.  What's more they are giving out 2500 free hits on sign up, which is awesome(I don't care who you are, that's alotof hits to pass up).  And since it's so darn new it still had that new TE smell.  It's also not ridiculously crowded at the moment so a good opportunity to get some of your favorite programs better air time.

Monday, May 22, 2017

A Traffic Exchange that actually rewards surfing members


  Ok so right off the bat I'll say that this TE is not for everyone.  This TE is geared more towards members that surf rather than refer other members.  In fact, you don't even earn commission from your  downlines activity.  So why would anyone recommend it, you ask? Because of its unique approach of course.
    If you're someone who has trouble recruiting referrals and has to get most of their credits through surfing then this TE is a good option for you.  How it works is that every single member signed up for this TE is part of one big downline!!!  The amount of surfing you do on the site determines where you rank in the upline each week.  I'm over simplifying the math they use to determine payouts but whatevs.  They explain it better on their website.
   It's the first TE of its kind that I've ever seen and it takes an approach to the platform that addresses a problem alot allot of TE users have (that problem being, surfing like a slave just to have the site "reward" you with some FREE BANNER ADS! every now and then) 
    Will this type of TE catch on? I don't know, but it's definitely worth a look if you need hits to your site but aren't a marketing guru that gets hits like it ain't no thang.

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Dear Vinrasta

What's the deal with your name? It's weird but I don't mind.  You seem like a very good manual traffic exchange, but you don't seem to get the exposure you deserve.  I don't know what you did to make the traffic exchange community mad at you.  But I like you. Your level up feature is the first of its kind that I've seen from any of the other TEs out, yet your links are barely promoted and I hear little fan fare about you. I'm amazed at how few typos I had to correct while writing this, they hooked me up to the laughing gas at the dentist I'm going to bed.

My First Time, Misadventures in Online Marketing


  Welcome to my epic three part tale of my total immersion into the world of Traffic Exchange websites as a complete novice(part 2 here).    You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll briefly consider following my blog but decide not to bother, after you realize I put the subscribe button all the way at the bottom of the page.

He appears to hint at being aware his submit button is placed in a poor location, so naturally this negative space is filled with a joke banner that doesn't link to anything.

My story begins about 10 years ago when I found myself without a job, and, in an effort to keep it that way, I devised a plan to develop a steady flow of online income.  The biggest flaw in my initial plan, however, was that it looked like this:
This business model is rock solid!

    Unfortunately my plan fell apart pretty much from step one, which leaves me no choice but to conclude that Google dropped the ball on that one.  Anyway that Google search did end up introducing me to a young paid-to-click (PTC) site called neobux.  Yes, I got in pretty close to ground floor at neobux and said "nah, I think I'm gonna see how this whole 7bux site works out".
    This was the first time I had ever encountered the concept of a referral downline.  I was so in awe of the business model that I ignored that a PTC site has the same potential to collapse as a house of cards in a hurricane does. All that mattered was that I found my millions, and, as would be expected, I got to work signing up for several PTC sites immediately.  After this, despite my inexperience, I developed a two pronged approach to building my downline, consisting of hoping my potential leads were highly motivated and watching unrelated YouTube videos while I waited for them to find me.

If my downline isn't at least halfway to my first million by the time this video of perfectly timed photos is done I'm gonna be real mad.

     When it became clear that my above mentioned promotional campaign wasn't delivering the desired results I took to my computer and AltaVista-ed the question "How do I get people to click on my referral link?" Among other results was the mention of traffic exchanges and to my naive mind it immediately sound like 100% conversion rates. See back in 2007 our knowledge of computers just hadn't progressed to the level it has today.  It was still widely regarded as fact that search engines determined the order of their search results through the use of black magic. So it's no surprise that keywords like SEO or bounce rate got buried on page 10 of the results pages.
    But after signing up for a few exchanges and not getting results with my non-splash page PTC referral links, I decided something must be wrong with the traffic exchange platform and stopped going back.  Little did I know however, that this would be far from the last time I'd find myself surfing a traffic exchange.(foreshadowing!!)
     I moved on from traffic exchanges assuming I'd never give another thought to one. Tried mailers, ref exchanges, etc.  Even found moderate success with GPT sites, heck to this day I'm still an active member of Swagbucks, and that's after sticking with them back when the only thing you could buy with swagbucks was left over band merchandise that didn't sell at their concerts(if I had known I was going to lose that PaPa Roach beanie so soon after receiving it, I'd have taken more pictures to remember it by).

KISS SwagBucks were a thing.

In any event, without any focus or clue as what I even wanted to accomplish in the world of online earning, I got a regular nine to five and forgot all about Internet Marketing.  But fast forward to present day and I would find myself in a much more vibrant community than I realized.

Thank You for reading.  You can read the next chapter of this story here.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Chitika Advertising, An Alternative to Adsense


Looking for an alternative to all the other advertising sites out there? Heres one you don't see often that pays well. Chitika offers untargeted ads for your website and is a good advertiser to use in combination on your site.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Why I do this. A Traffic Exchange junkies explanation

AAIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!....I'll about Traffic Exchanges better after I get some sleep, they get a bad rap imo

GladiatorHits - Traffic That Defies The Competition


Hit2Hit - Feast On Fast Traffic Like The Fat Cats Do!
Your 1:1 Traffic Exchange

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Traffic Exchange Routine That Will Crash Your Servers With All the Hits You'll Get


keep all your referral IDs on one website spend a little time in each Traffic Exchange and watch your hits blow up. I would recommend signing up for the 1st four programs otherwise it's a hell of alot allot of websites to maintain.

Free Advertising Sites

Monday, May 8, 2017

Cash for Displaying ads on Your Android Lock Screen with Fronto


 Display ads on your Android devices lock screen to earn rewards each month. I'm all about free cash and this app basically pays you just to have it installed. Type in promo code 1250pro after sign up to earn a bonus of 0.50 cents!

Here is the description straight from Google play.  Enter promo code 1250pro to earn an extra 0.50 cents when you sign up!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Easy Affiliate Marketing program

Awesome New site! Great place to promote your own site and earn money. It's a site where they encourage members to click your banners and text links.

RewardingWays, The Best GPT site you aren't on

Whenever people talk about top paid task sites the 2 names that always come up are neobux and Clixsense.  This site is at that level yet it manages to fly under the radar for some reason, let's fix that.
    That's all I'll say about the site, not going to bother hyping it, if you don't have an account it's your loss, that or you're already rich and just frequent PTC/GPT sites because you find us common folk so amusing.

Thursday, May 4, 2017 SCAM ALERT SCAM warning

They say they paid, apparently forgetting that any transactions can be easily verified on the blockchain.

They even have me, hilariously, included in their payment proofs (username:jaundice). I guess as a way to document their fraud for everyone