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Saturday, May 20, 2017

My First Time, Misadventures in Online Marketing


  Welcome to my epic three part tale of my total immersion into the world of Traffic Exchange websites as a complete novice(part 2 here).    You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll briefly consider following my blog but decide not to bother, after you realize I put the subscribe button all the way at the bottom of the page.

He appears to hint at being aware his submit button is placed in a poor location, so naturally this negative space is filled with a joke banner that doesn't link to anything.

My story begins about 10 years ago when I found myself without a job, and, in an effort to keep it that way, I devised a plan to develop a steady flow of online income.  The biggest flaw in my initial plan, however, was that it looked like this:
This business model is rock solid!

    Unfortunately my plan fell apart pretty much from step one, which leaves me no choice but to conclude that Google dropped the ball on that one.  Anyway that Google search did end up introducing me to a young paid-to-click (PTC) site called neobux.  Yes, I got in pretty close to ground floor at neobux and said "nah, I think I'm gonna see how this whole 7bux site works out".
    This was the first time I had ever encountered the concept of a referral downline.  I was so in awe of the business model that I ignored that a PTC site has the same potential to collapse as a house of cards in a hurricane does. All that mattered was that I found my millions, and, as would be expected, I got to work signing up for several PTC sites immediately.  After this, despite my inexperience, I developed a two pronged approach to building my downline, consisting of hoping my potential leads were highly motivated and watching unrelated YouTube videos while I waited for them to find me.

If my downline isn't at least halfway to my first million by the time this video of perfectly timed photos is done I'm gonna be real mad.

     When it became clear that my above mentioned promotional campaign wasn't delivering the desired results I took to my computer and AltaVista-ed the question "How do I get people to click on my referral link?" Among other results was the mention of traffic exchanges and to my naive mind it immediately sound like 100% conversion rates. See back in 2007 our knowledge of computers just hadn't progressed to the level it has today.  It was still widely regarded as fact that search engines determined the order of their search results through the use of black magic. So it's no surprise that keywords like SEO or bounce rate got buried on page 10 of the results pages.
    But after signing up for a few exchanges and not getting results with my non-splash page PTC referral links, I decided something must be wrong with the traffic exchange platform and stopped going back.  Little did I know however, that this would be far from the last time I'd find myself surfing a traffic exchange.(foreshadowing!!)
     I moved on from traffic exchanges assuming I'd never give another thought to one. Tried mailers, ref exchanges, etc.  Even found moderate success with GPT sites, heck to this day I'm still an active member of Swagbucks, and that's after sticking with them back when the only thing you could buy with swagbucks was left over band merchandise that didn't sell at their concerts(if I had known I was going to lose that PaPa Roach beanie so soon after receiving it, I'd have taken more pictures to remember it by).

KISS SwagBucks were a thing.

In any event, without any focus or clue as what I even wanted to accomplish in the world of online earning, I got a regular nine to five and forgot all about Internet Marketing.  But fast forward to present day and I would find myself in a much more vibrant community than I realized.

Thank You for reading.  You can read the next chapter of this story here.