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Friday, July 28, 2017

HonestClique: New PTC


    Quick heads up about a relatively new PTC site, I think it's new anyway I don't really keep up, I'm still a sucker for these things though idk why.  But anyway yeah....Minimum cashout is $2 through Payza or Bitcoin. 20 cents in your publisher account upon sign up (you can't afford any advertising for that amount) and 10 cents in your earnings account.

Nice to see Erin Esurance getting legit work again

Are You Incorporating RCE Games in Your Online Earning Portfolio?

    Well, are you?  You'd actually be forgiven for not even knowing what RCE Games are, as they are a definite niche market.  If played right and you can fit one or two into your business schedule, RCE Games can provide a nice supplement to whatever income system you currently have in place.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fronto Lock Screen app for your Android device

    Fronto an Android app that pays you to use as your lock screen, takes awhile to accumulate points so it amounts to about $5 a month, but that's better than the $0 a month the normal lock screen paid. I'm a big fan of hassle free money and this app is the definition of that.

Friday, July 21, 2017

You Demanded It and I Delivered

Introducing: Third Party Sponsored Ads Directly in my posts!

Kidding, just brushing up on my programming.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

10 Weirdest Products Found at TripleClicks (Part 2)

    Hello and welcome back to my list of strange items that can be found for sale at online megastore TripleClicks.  And, as a TripleClicks affiliate I have taken it upon myself to gather these items, and items like them, all in one collection, because if my sales figures aren't really wowing them over at corporate anyway, I might as well have fun with it.
Click here for part 1

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

TopStarClick PTC Free Advertising

    Quick post to let anyone who cares know about TopStarClick, a new PTC/TE that appears to be run by those Hoopla robots, that or they're plagiarizing them.  Either way for the time being they're offering free $1.50 sign up bonus and you know what that advertising!!!! Until realizing that bonus doesn't go into your purchase balance and you need to have a minimum of $5 to transfer to your purchase balance.  However the minimum cashout is $2 which means you're only $0.50 away from cashing out right off the bat.

Monday, July 17, 2017

160pack Revenue Share Site

    If you're into revenue share sites or haven't ever tried one, this might be a good option.  It's relatively new so it could go either way but I've always got my eyes peeled for new sources of income online.  With 160pack theres no risk though, other than time wasted as adding funds to your account is not a requirement (it'll just take longer for you to cash out).
    If you don't want to add any money into the site you can collect a balance from the PTC offers on the site (about 10 per day).  You can use your balance to buy active points which give you a penny a day and can be purchased for 60 cents.  You can eventually accumulate enough of a balance to purchase an upgrade which will by pass the need to add funds before cash out.  Paid members can cash out without waiting.

10 Weirdest Products Found at TripleClicks

   TripleClicks, for anyone that doesn't know, is the militarized wing of the SFI affiliate program, it is their online super store.  It makes me sad that whenever I describe it to someone their reply is always "oh, like Amazon".  It's kind of like the sibling of a mega celebrity who, despite also being talented, is always being overlooked.  It's Eric Roberts basically.
Click here for part 2

10 Traffic Exchanges with Highly Active Members

    If you're looking for a TE that provides  immediate free traffic, these 10 sites will definitely do it for you.  Any TE surfer has probably, at one point, signed up for a few sites only to assign their credits and then watch hits come in to their site at the speed of continental drift(which isn't necessarily a bad thing under certain circumstances).  Those sites aren't on this list.  The 10 sites that follow scoff at that 300 credits you just added to your campaign.
    *One last note before I get on with it already, this is FAR from an exhaustive list, this list is made up mainly of TEs I could name off the top of my head that always seem to have a decent amount of surf activity going on independent of day/time or promotional campaigns. I'll also be including a more detailed write up on these 10 shortly.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Our Sister Site is Up and Published!

    FreeCashStreams is proud to announce its sister site, created using the wordpress format.  It's sort of up and running but probably feeling kind of neglected at the moment, but no longer!

If this exclusive screen shot of the site doesn't make you ridiculously excited about this new blog, you might want to check your pulse because clearly you passed at some point and just haven't realized it yet.

    This a formal apology to my younger sister site and a promise that I'll stop pretending you don't exist from now on.  The site is kind of lacking content right now but it's main focus is going to be predominantly bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Here's a link to one of the few articles it contains, it would be swell if you could click that link and help feed a starving blog, because no blog should have to go to bed wondering where its next visitor will come from.

A word from our sponsor: ENDRISK Data Security Management

And now a word from our sponsor:

    As the internet becomes an ever increasing part of our daily lives, our sensitive information is opened to more and more avenues of exposure. We here at

Thursday, July 6, 2017

New Traffic Exchange Review: HitsEveryday

    Stop the presses!!! Something like this happens maybe three to four times a year, (*source needed) so it's definitely worth mentioning.  Are you sitting down?  A new traffic exchange website is now online!!

    It's called HitsEveryday and, if used

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Banner Button Ads

Here's banner buttons because reasons, you will learn to love them, they will take the ad world by storm so learn quick or I'm sorry for your loss.