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Friday, July 28, 2017

Are You Incorporating RCE Games in Your Online Earning Portfolio?

    Well, are you?  You'd actually be forgiven for not even knowing what RCE Games are, as they are a definite niche market.  If played right and you can fit one or two into your business schedule, RCE Games can provide a nice supplement to whatever income system you currently have in place.

    So what the heck are RCE games? RCE stands for Real Cash Economy and---WAIT!! I can sense a good portion of you heading for that back button, let me be clear, I'm not referring to playing some CandyCrush knock off for 30 cents an hour (Bonus side note!!! Don't bother clicking if you aren't into the silly nonsense I'm constantly guilty of). No, RCE games are basically economy simulators.

Complete with economic despair

    Most of them revolve around starting the game with nothing and then doing some sort of work in the game's environment until you've saved enough to cash out into actual money or investing your earnings in an attempt to increase your worth.  In fact the gameplay for some of these games is just you working for a daily wage and then trying to save or invest it wisely.  It's like Super Mario Bros. but instead of head-butting bricks into oblivion, stomping on shoe wearing mushroom creatures or doing anything resembling fun, you just make sure Mario holds down his plumbing job.   Some of the RCE games will throw in a medieval or sci-fi theme, because those are the only two flavors that the minds of video game developers come in, but the main idea of the game is still the same.  These games weird me out, mainly because the people who make a living off of them managed to work from home by getting a simulated 9 to 5 job.  That's like robbing a bank and getting caught on purpose just to avoid an outstanding parking ticket.
    In any event, if your tolerance for hardcore boredom is high and you have a knack for this type of thing, these types of games can add an extra cash stream to your bank account.  These games have stock markets which is where people really shine.



   This is basically a game where you play a second normal life, I guess as a do over, if your actual life isn't quite going how you envisioned?   Or maybe the target demographic is royalty who want to see how common folk live?  I'm not sure but it's definitely a form of weaponized boredom.  You do exciting things like work menial jobs, buy cheap food because it's all you can afford and worry about where you're going to sleep for the night.  At some point you can also theoretically own your own company which can produce goods that the people in your country need, it's up to you to analyze the economy of the region you sign up for to determine the best company to start.  There's also military and political aspects to the game which you can focus on, complete with elections and virtual blood on your hands if you botch your run as a military commander.  Like I said, fake real life.


    This is another one of the typical simulated normal life type games I mentioned. The only thing that makes this stand out from the others is that you periodically have to pay to keep your active referrals in your downline or else they go up for grabs on the referral marketplace where anyone can recruit them for free (anyone that steals a referral from you needs to pay to keep them after 24 hours or else they get put back on the market).

Just like in real life I wear underwear and nothing else at all times.

    Aside from being a clone of the aforementioned RCE games on this list, this one seems to be the easiest to level up in, but aside from that it's still boring.

    Empire isn't actually an RCE game but it's a dynamic stock market simulator and unique, so screw it I'm including it.  Out of everything on this list, is probably the best program in terms of building your business out of game.  Empire analyzes your various social media profiles and determines what your stock is worth in game credits.  These credits can be used to buy stock in other members or to start a campaign asking others to view your site or social profile and telling you what they think.  The community seems to be made up of serious people who are actually there to further their various businesses, making a fairly decent networking tool.  A ridiculously thorough begginers guide can be found here.  The community is super nice and helpful too.


    This is the cream of the crop when it comes to RCE games as far as I'm concerned.  It's technically not an RCE game but I'll include it here anyway.  Your goal here is to gain statues of mythical creatures  for your museum.   You Get a random amount of donations once per day which you can use toward your statues.  The statues you have determine your museums daily revenue, which you can cash out....after a long time.
    What I love about this game is that it doesn't ask anything of you, all you do is log in, collect your daily bonus and slowly build, in return it slowly earns you money.  It's the true definition of free passive income.  Not much income mind you, but free money for nothing other than logging in everyday.
So far my museum only has a leprechaun statue to look at, but honestly, what more do you need?