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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Traffic Exchange BINGO

    So, I've been seeing BINGO cards showing up in a bunch of traffic exchanges recently and I'm not too certain that the way it currently runs is all that good of an idea.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I'm taking this site to task, done staying silent

     CashLinkAds will never pay you.  So to begin with, I'll come right out and admit to being part of the problem with this site, while I never actively promoted the site, I am active on it.  As of today that stops.  Don't get it twisted and think I'm only posting this because I tried to cash out and got burned, I've been waiting for cash out forever.  Based on their high pay and click everything for money business model I knew I'd never see a penny from this site, the second I signed up.

We both know you're never paying anyone, why even lie?

    So why am I only now calling them out, you probably ask?  Well, two reasons, one not so noble, the other kinda noble I guess....I've never been hung up on what others think of me (I attend business seminars in my beanie and I'm damn charming, it's just a pain trying to convince security I'm actually on the list) so I'm just approximating....(I ramble) anyway...

    I'm active on this site because I get a damn good amount of sign ups from whatever I promote at CashLinkAds.  Considering that this site only boasts under 2k members, it's been good for me, as far as advertising platforms go.  And so I justified my continued use of this site by assuming that a majority of the other members were using it similarly and not ever expecting a pay day.  Based on that assumption my attitude was "meh, utilize the resource while it's hot" since sites like this can't sustain themselves once everyone starts catching on that giving out money for clicks while having no steady stream of income isn't sustainable for a website, I figured it would fizzle out.  This is my sin, and despite me trying to explain my reasoning behind it in the last paragraph, I am still guilty and I'm sorry.

Some ads get pretty good open rates, its just too bad the site owner didn't know how to actually run a site without being a lying douche

    Which leads me to my main reason for calling this site out hasn't fizzled out like I thought it would, even seems to be gaining members at a noticeable clip, which tells me some of these people are signing up for this site, not for free advertising but because they actually expect to get paid.  This site will never pay you...I'm sorry.  This worm of a man is just running this site until he can afford his sex change operation or pay off his loan shark bills or whatever reason he can't raise money without being a punk and then he will vanish.

I've finally stolen enough money to have my spine surgically removed so I can be with my own kind.

    And before I doctor this post up and grammatically edit it or ad picture proof, I'm going to post this rant in its unedited form and show everyone just how little the admin cares by publishing this article now and promoting it on CashLinkAds itself.

I'll link to my ads soon....

    Awwww.....apparently the admin don't like this article, although they did approve of it.

It's too bad they weren't paying attention that one time I ran a text ad  calling them frauds on their site.
    Oh and "Edward", since you've clearly seen this article, feel free to refute my accusations in the comments section, I won't even moderate your comment, free podium to explain yourself.  Although it's kind of hard to stick up for yourself when you know you're wrong so I understand if you don't want to.

Monday, August 28, 2017

New Viral Traffic Software Could Be Yours Free!

    Kenny Kolijn (and his brother Sammy? I'll have to look into that), owner/admin of several prominent advertising platform and list building sites, is set to launch brand new viral traffic generating and list building software in October 2017 and to celebrate this launch, the opportunity to get it for FREE is being offered to all early sign ups

simply click the link for further details (and yes it's of the referral variety)

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Ads Messenger, I like it but.......

    Ads Messenger, It's an advertising site that went live about 2 to 3 weeks ago and based on the multitude of emails I got from a lot of the viral mailer owners out there I got the impression that this site was offering old timey money sacks (💰) full of market proof cryptocoins with the power of never losing value.  

Monday, August 21, 2017

Bloglovin Claim Code

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

    See, its me I swear. The Blog site Bloglovin asked me to publish a post with their code in it as a way to claim my blog, so here it is.  I'm not sure who would want to claim this blog as there own if it weren't though, but oh well, I'm not afraid to have my name attached to this.  I'm proud of my blog. Anyway yeah.....

Sunday, August 13, 2017

My Traveling Credit Earning Page

 Welcome! To my traveling credit earning page! You too can make one if you like, message me if you need help Promises Huge Traffic, Do They Deliver?

    Maxvisits is a website that delivers various types of web traffic to your website, blog, social media profile, etc.  They advertise their services for as little as $1 for 1000 visitors which, on paper, is a reasonable enough deal.  I found this website on my favorite traffic exchange for conversions and for finding new programs to try out, LeadsLeap.  And if you aren't already signed up for LeadsLeap yourself what the hell are you waiting for?!?!  If you're serious about earning an online income and aren't a member of LeadsLeap, you should be ashamed of yourself, I'm embarrassed for you to be honest.  But, I digress.  And trust me there will be an article from me about LeadsLeap in the near future(spoiler alert: I am an openly unapologetic fan of LeadsLeap and I don't care who knows it).


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Feeling Adventurous?

Foreign traffic

Because reasons, and it had a share button for blogger.  It's the equivalent of searching sketchy back alleys for an affordable deal, but it can be a decent source of new leads or opportunities. Plus it's fun, just make sure to bring protection.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Traffic Exchange Quick Look: RotatorTraffic

    A lot of people know I'm a big fan of free traffic sources and I often get asked what I do to drive traffic to my sites.  The cop out answer is that I use a whole bunch of resources, too numerous to list in a single blog post.  But in an effort to not cop out I figured I'd just start throwing out quick over views of free traffic resources that I like or think have a useful feature or one that has a design I think looks cool (ok, so sometimes my reason for using a site isn't the best of reasons, but looking cool is still important). So anyway yeah here we go:


    First off, I'm going to give the site owner the benefit of a doubt and assume that the domain name two Fs) was unavailable, so he had to go with
    This site doesn't have the largest user base but there are several members that surf regularly so you'll get hits.  What I like about this site is a feature which helps it stand out from the crowd while earning you a good amount of traffic.  Surfing 25 sites at RotatorTrafic on any given day will unlock the option to claim an Upgraded account status for 24 hours, which is pretty damn handy.  And this is available every single day if you want it.
    If a quick one day boost of traffic is what you need this site might be one to consider.  At times it's probably not the most engaged traffic, but still, getting your ads out there for free is always a plus. My recommendation for this site is to surf it as a source of supplemental traffic when you've got some free time to bump up traffic numbers but your time would be better spent elsewhere when it comes to your primary roster of TEs.

Site Highlight: Free daily account upgrade after 25 sites surfed
Surf Ratio: 3:1 Free, 1:1 Upgraded
Surf Timer: 6 seconds Free, 3 seconds Upgraded
Occasional Prize Pages


Fun! With Questionable Testimonials

    Hello and welcome to the inaugural installment of, Fun! With Questionable Testimonials.  A recurring segment where I call out blatantly fake, disingenuous or clearly-outsourced-to-a-late-90s-Chatbot testimonials featured on websites throughout the web.  I rarely pay too much attention to testimonials but, on a fairly regular basis, I'll happen to glance upon a site with testimonials so dubious that I end up wasting time wondering who the site owners, that place these testimonials on their sites, think they're fooling.  My main problem are the completely fictional testimonials that I see, but I'll occasionally see real testimonials from real people so blatantly misleading that they need to be taken to task for it.

Here is an excellent example of an accurate and completely genuine, unbiased testimonial from the FreeCashStreams Facebook page.

Friday, August 4, 2017

I Try Surfing Non-English Traffic Exchanges

    A lot of traffic exchange sites state, in their terms of service, that any sites submitted by a member must be in English (or whatever the language spoken by the site owner of Pistol Packin Mama is).  This got me wondering what the sites that aren't in English do if they need to exchange traffic with others.  Do they just learn English? Do they hate traffic exchanges? Do they randomly pick a money making program that's in English and hope the squiggly looking gibberish they're promoting is a winner?

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Topstarclick Update

TopstarClick PTC

    I have this love hate relationship with PTC sites, I love them for reasons I can't explain and conversely, I hate them for all the legitimate reasons there are to hate them.  So when I threw out a brief post about Topstarclick the other day, I more or less forgot about them, I really only made the post in order to inform readers, who are into PTC sites.  So, for a couple of days, I didn't realize I had a bunch of referrals from said post and had reached payout.  Anyway long story short, I initially posted that Topstarclick offers a $1.50 sign up bonus coupled with a low $2 cashout, coupled even further with a one cent per click average for free members. FYI their timers for the one cent clicks move at the speed of a geriatric snail with a bowling ball chained to its shell. Based on my past experience with PTC sites all these factors made me assume I'd never see any sort of payment from this site, however.....

   Topstarclick shocked me by not only paying me, but doing so in under 24hrs after my request.  It is still unclear to me how they can possibly maintain this sort of generosity, but for the time being they're legit and I applaud them.
    Bravo, Topstarclicks, at this moment you guys are awesome and I hope you continue to be awesome for as long as you can.