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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I'm taking this site to task, done staying silent

     CashLinkAds will never pay you.  So to begin with, I'll come right out and admit to being part of the problem with this site, while I never actively promoted the site, I am active on it.  As of today that stops.  Don't get it twisted and think I'm only posting this because I tried to cash out and got burned, I've been waiting for cash out forever.  Based on their high pay and click everything for money business model I knew I'd never see a penny from this site, the second I signed up.

We both know you're never paying anyone, why even lie?

    So why am I only now calling them out, you probably ask?  Well, two reasons, one not so noble, the other kinda noble I guess....I've never been hung up on what others think of me (I attend business seminars in my beanie and I'm damn charming, it's just a pain trying to convince security I'm actually on the list) so I'm just approximating....(I ramble) anyway...

    I'm active on this site because I get a damn good amount of sign ups from whatever I promote at CashLinkAds.  Considering that this site only boasts under 2k members, it's been good for me, as far as advertising platforms go.  And so I justified my continued use of this site by assuming that a majority of the other members were using it similarly and not ever expecting a pay day.  Based on that assumption my attitude was "meh, utilize the resource while it's hot" since sites like this can't sustain themselves once everyone starts catching on that giving out money for clicks while having no steady stream of income isn't sustainable for a website, I figured it would fizzle out.  This is my sin, and despite me trying to explain my reasoning behind it in the last paragraph, I am still guilty and I'm sorry.

Some ads get pretty good open rates, its just too bad the site owner didn't know how to actually run a site without being a lying douche

    Which leads me to my main reason for calling this site out hasn't fizzled out like I thought it would, even seems to be gaining members at a noticeable clip, which tells me some of these people are signing up for this site, not for free advertising but because they actually expect to get paid.  This site will never pay you...I'm sorry.  This worm of a man is just running this site until he can afford his sex change operation or pay off his loan shark bills or whatever reason he can't raise money without being a punk and then he will vanish.

I've finally stolen enough money to have my spine surgically removed so I can be with my own kind.

    And before I doctor this post up and grammatically edit it or ad picture proof, I'm going to post this rant in its unedited form and show everyone just how little the admin cares by publishing this article now and promoting it on CashLinkAds itself.

I'll link to my ads soon....

    Awwww.....apparently the admin don't like this article, although they did approve of it.

It's too bad they weren't paying attention that one time I ran a text ad  calling them frauds on their site.
    Oh and "Edward", since you've clearly seen this article, feel free to refute my accusations in the comments section, I won't even moderate your comment, free podium to explain yourself.  Although it's kind of hard to stick up for yourself when you know you're wrong so I understand if you don't want to.

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