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Monday, August 28, 2017

New Viral Traffic Software Could Be Yours Free!

    Kenny Kolijn (and his brother Sammy? I'll have to look into that), owner/admin of several prominent advertising platform and list building sites, is set to launch brand new viral traffic generating and list building software in October 2017 and to celebrate this launch, the opportunity to get it for FREE is being offered to all early sign ups

simply click the link for further details (and yes it's of the referral variety)

   But that's not all!  Just for taking the time to submit your name and email address(in the link) you will be rewarded with free bonus advertising credits at these five quality sites:


    Wait, there's more!!  No, that isn't a typo there really is more.  Is there no end to the generosity?  In addition to getting the bonus advertising package mentioned above and an opportunity to get the viral traffic software for free, you get details on how to get even more free advertising after signing up, totaling hundreds of thousands of advertising credits!

So to recap: Opportunity for free traffic software, free advertising package at 5 top sites, even more free ad credits possible.

The link again: Click Me!

Act now by clicking that link above because this opportunity ends on Sept. 5th.

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