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Friday, August 4, 2017

I Try Surfing Non-English Traffic Exchanges

    A lot of traffic exchange sites state, in their terms of service, that any sites submitted by a member must be in English (or whatever the language spoken by the site owner of Pistol Packin Mama is).  This got me wondering what the sites that aren't in English do if they need to exchange traffic with others.  Do they just learn English? Do they hate traffic exchanges? Do they randomly pick a money making program that's in English and hope the squiggly looking gibberish they're promoting is a winner?

Please be an affiliate program for a road sign manufacturing company.

    Nope, turns out a lot of people just throw their middle fingers in the air and create their own traffic exchanges in their own language, which I applaud.  In an effort to truly diversify and broaden my horizons, I decided to travel the world from the comfort of my own living room and sign up for traffic exchanges from around the world.  If you truly want to step out of your comfort zone, I highly recommend following in my footsteps, read on to find out why.  (If you're out of your mind like I am, for added fun, don't use Google translate as a crutch.)


    I guess I'm kind of cheating with this one, but to ease myself into my journey I started with which is a traffic exchange completely in English.  However, from what I can gather, the name relates to an Australian fishing television show so it counts.

1:1 Traffic Exchange - 1000 Bonus Autosurf Credits

    I actually like this TE quite a bit to be honest, it has a pretty robust set of features and a relatively active user base.  Yibbida offers both manual and auto surf options with their own separate credits.  Conversion between manual and auto credits is 20 auto credits to 1 manual credit.  Yibbida's manual surf has a 12 second timer with a 1:1 ratio, which is fairly generous.  Members can add text ads and banners that rotate without the need for impression credits.  In addition to these features Yibbida also offers a standard traffic co-op rotator url which awards participating members with credits when they promote it.  If you need even more credits they offer advertising widgets that members can place on their blogs or websites. see?

    Finally, my favorite feature offered by Yibbida is an option that not enough traffic exchanges offer, in my opinion.  That feature is what they call a 'Way Station' which allows you to choose multiple pages to be shown, in order, to surfers.  I like this feature because with some creativity and splash pages it allows advertisers more opportunity to engage surfers.  Way Stations can also be used to improve bounce rates on a single site by having users surf several pages on a single site. The only other site I can think of off the top of my head that features something of this nature is TEWebstar, owned by MaryAnne Meyers.
     Anyway I've managed to go this long without getting stung by anything poisonous and I don't want to push my luck so it's time to bid Australia farewell, but from what I've seen so far Yibbida seems like a traffic exchange worth returning to.


    Up next I visit Spanish language traffic exchange, VisitasPirata.  Real talk here, I kind of love this site.  The reasons I love this site are many, but the main one is that it's like stepping into a parallel universe where you're the only human being who is aware of the programs you're promoting.  Seriously, I've been racking up referrals from this site for a number of sites.  The only two English language sites I see advertised there on a consistent basis are ClixSense and EasyHits4U, but I'm pretty sure even tribes from deep within the Congo jungles who have never had contact with the outside world are already signed up for those two sites at this point, so it's no big deal.

Anthropologists were amazed to discover that, when translated, this was shown to be a Clixsense referral link.

    Aside from low competition for your promotions, VisitasPirata also offers a nice range of features at their traffic exchange.  You get about 0.7 credits per site surfed, with a 15 second timer.  They also have a rotator, which will earn you credits for unique views, theres an ad exchange program, and slot machine game to try for more credits.  They also have a downline builder for affiliate programs which any member can add one program to.  Theres a start page which features a News section which members can add their page to once every 3 days for free and for upgraded members, theres a section that displays your sites at random called 5 links, every member is shown 5 links that they can click on for 2 credits per site each day.  Overall this is a very solid traffic exchange, that I actually would recommend you check out.

    Next I head to France, birthplace of french fries, french toast and actor French Stewart(acting credits include 3rd Rock from the Sun and presumably other roles).  Yes, France, land of mimes, giant 30 ft. iguanas, the monorail to nowhere and the world's only completely robotic police force.  Okay so I guess my knowledge of France isn't exactly encyclopedic, but that's okay because my next traffic exchange destination is the French language TE, where I'll hopefully learn something new.

I learned that France is home to the world's largest oil derrick.

    I originally stumbled upon this site because it inexplicably showed up in the traffic sources section of the analytics for this blog.  As I had never heard of FeelingSurf before I decided to check it out.  What I was greeted with upon heading to the site was a bunch of words I couldn't read and would probably butcher if asked to speak out loud.  I've since become an occasional user of the site, as you earn 100 daily bonus credits for surfing even 1 site for the day.  It has a dark secret that might turn some people off to it though, and that secret's an AutoSurf only site!!!!  Still, it provides a decent boost in traffic numbers for zero cost or effort so I won't complain.

The people of France gave me this postcard as I left, I haven't translated it yet but I assume it means "we'll miss you."

Реферальные банеры

  Next up I visit that country from the Tetris video games.  I ran into trouble with the local authorities during my tour of the Russian traffic exchange scene and I'd like to publically apologize to Russia for....whatever it was I did wrong (more on this in a bit.)

    Russia actually has quite a few traffic exchange websites but none of them are quite like traffic exchanges as we are used to.  The Russians call their sites "work sites", a term which just sounds ultra Russian-y to me, and they operate more like what I know as GPT or get paid to sites.  Viewing other people's submitted websites in exchange for credits is a feature of all these work sites though so I'm counting it.  I ran into trouble with the captcha being in the Russian alphabet while attempting to sign up for a lot of the work sites out there until finally finding success with SEO-Fast.  They have variable timers for site viewing and all commissions are paid in rubles.  SEO-Fast, features a wide range of crediting opportunities from the standard view exchange (you click on sites individually rather than use a surf bar) and mailer to less conventional "Test Ads" where the user is presented with a test from the advertiser after viewing the ad.  There are other ad sections which got lost in translation so I'm not quite sure what's going on like "Teaser Ads"(feel free to leave a comment if you know what these are).

Not sure what the difference between Test and Quiz ads are.  Maybe the quizzes don't weigh as heavily on your final grade as the tests do?

    Finally, before I move on I'd like to say I was initially signed up for a similar, and more widely known site to SEO-Fast, SEOSprint, but I tried logging in a few days after signing up and was greeted with....

    It states that my account was banned due to violation 5.4 of the TOS.  Violation 5.4 states that I was terminated for "...attempts to break into, penetration into someone else's accounts."  Clearly this is some sort of Communist conspiracy.  It took a titanic effort on my part just to figure out how to login to my account due to the questionable translation put forth by Google, nevermind hacking into other accounts.  I didn't persue the issue but I'm going on record as stating that I am 100 percent not guilty of the charges against me.  Thanks anyway Russia but now it's off to one last destination before I return to the TEs I'm accustomed to. | intercambio manual de visitas gratis

    Look at that banner button! Just look at it and tell me you don't want to be running to where ever it is those things are running to also.  No, I don't know why two anthropomorphic jelly beans are in a perpetual frantic dash to an unknown location, but I don't care, this brings me joy.  In fact, I've been showing this to everyone I know in my personal life and if they don't get "it" I sever all ties, it's really helped me distinguish my true friends and family from the pretenders.

What do you mean you "just don't find it funny"? Well mom we had a good run, but I have to let you go.

    This site isn't a traditional traffic exchange site but it's close enough.  Members submit sites and choose how many credits they offer for people to view said site.  This site is then added to a list of sites where members can click on to earn credits.  Everyone lists the view price for their sites at 45 credits, which isn't the default value for amount per view, which means every single user is, for reasons I don't know, purposefully assigning that amount to their sites(you can assign more than 45 credits per view so it's not like they're just maxing out their credit reward amount). So that's the price I went with as well (I didn't want to get banned again like I did in Russia).  This might not be everyones favorite format for a traffic exchange, however, you may still want to join as I'll let you in on a secret.  After signing up as a member, if you scroll down to the bottom of your screen in the dashboard area, there is a tab labeled "welcome gift".  The welcome gift is never advertised at any point, but it gives you a free 20,000 credits.  At 45 credits per view that's quite the sign up bonus, heck I still haven't ran out of credits yet.

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