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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Traffic Exchange BINGO

    So, I've been seeing BINGO cards showing up in a bunch of traffic exchanges recently and I'm not too certain that the way it currently runs is all that good of an idea.

    That screen shot up there is why.  This is just one round of about a dozen or more that offer high payouts like this daily. Having mini games for free prizes is fine but running continuous games like this with high payouts is creating a HUGE surplus of credits.  What's worse is that the BINGO games don't even require players to be active to participate.  If you're going to be giving away insane amounts of credits at least require the winners to give back to the site in some sort of way.  Just now I earned this....

    FOR NOTHING! Other than the fact that I bought a bunch of cards, which is another issue that needs addressing, limit players to a certain amount of cards per round.  If you don't, those high payouts are only going to create a group of members who can spend 10 thousand credits on BINGO cards without a care and win even more credits.

    In my humble opinion, I'd put a few more restrictions on these BINGO games moving forward, but what do I know.

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