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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Publishing Networks That Most Websites Can Join

    No AdSense? No problem!  Well, sort of anyway.  I'm not going to sit here and say Adsense isn't the best way to monetize a blog or website but sometimes you'll put in your application to join only to have them say "don't call us, we'll call you.".  Or maybe you unknowingly violated rule number 51,734 of their ever changing TOS.  Whatever the reason sometimes Adsense just isn't that into you.  But all hope isn't lost, Adsense is far from the only game in town and these publisher networks understand that not everyone gets to be in the top Hollywood blockbuster, some have to star in those SyFy original movies to get paid(after reading that analogy out loud it sounds more insulting than I intended, but it'll end up taking me like 2 hours to come up with a more accurate one so I'll just apologize instead).

Still can't believe the Oscars snubbed this.

    This is far from a comprehensive list but the publisher networks on this list have requirements that mean most websites will get approved.  The networks on this list are good for sites with low traffic (both quality or volume) and BE WARNED: publishing ads for some of these networks could damage the Google ranking/indexing of your site (emphasis on could, not definitely will) So just be aware of that.

    I like AdHitz if I'm being honest. Cash out is $25. They have a self serve type platform where advertisers can browse the list of publisher sites and purchase advertising on those sites, cost is chosen by the publisher.  If a publisher hasn't sold a particular ad zone that they've set up, AdHitz will run network ads until it does get sold and pay for any clicks the network ads receive.  AdHitz seems to be the go to for PTC sites, but more importantly, a blog that is consistently mentioned when discussing game changing blogs (source needed) also has ad space for sale there.

    Chitika is a reliable network that has been around and paying for quite sometime.  According to that orange square directly above this paragraph, Chitika's ads work well along side Adsense ads with the reasoning being that they provide the supplemental sales from their non-targeted ads that AdSense would otherwise miss. I guess this is true in the same sense that Redbox places their movie vending machines in Grocery stores and makes sales even though the target customers at grocery stores are usually there to buy groceries.
    Anyway, given that Chitika is Google safe it does mean that the requirements for becoming a publisher with them are a little stricter but, if your sites main sin is not having a large enough volume of traffic, you have a good shot at getting approved by Chitika.  They also won't accept any free hosted sites, so domains like blogger, weebly and others are out.


    This site is a strange one in the sense that they offer you a publisher link for you to place on your site......but that's it, here it is in fact,

    .....So, I'm just...on my own with the details and visual components of the ads?  That link will take you to one of Revisitors advertiser sites but which one you'll be going to is part of the adventure I guess.  Maybe I market it like this:

    There advertising rules are similar to most sites so I'm taking it on faith that that link won't be taking you anywhere that isn't family friendly.  Anyway they pay CPM = $0.30.  One last thing about this site, they offer a free sample of 100 visitors to any affiliate link or site(I assume free samples are getting their traffic from that link up there) but free is free, so check them out for that reason if not their publishing opportunities.


    Hilltop is another network on the list which is Google friendly so their requirements for joining are going to be higher than the others on this list.  They pay high if you can manage to get your site approved though and they seem like a decent start up who are trying to attract start ups who are business oriented.  So if you've got hungry traffic this might be a good fit for your site.

    ELeavers is a relatively easy publisher program to be accepted to and they're affiliate marketing/online marketing industry friendly.  In fact I've heard a lot of people say that, as far as advertising with them, they are quite good for clickbank affiliate links.  I can see this being true as clickbank products and the like are things a lot of my sites traffic would be interested in (although my ELeaver ad zone is buried at the bottom of this page so I doubt many see it).  Their pay rate seems a tad low but could work for certain sites, and decent placement.

    I can't, for the life of me, find any kind of banner or graphic or anything for StudAds so just reread the ELeaver entry and replace every instance of ELeaver with StudAds, as they are sister sites anyway and have no observable differences.  I assume StudAds is too focused on getting their customers banners shown that they had no time to create their own.

Unstoppable Flood of Viral Traffic!
    ViralNugget is unique from the other entries on this list in that it's a viral mailer site first and a publishing site second, members can display ads from other members on their site and get paid commission for any clicks generated.  It's good as a supplemental revenue stream from ads and it's also a really good mailer.  It should definitely be on your list of mailers that you utilize for your advertising efforts.

BAMify Ads - Free ad network
    And here we go the bottom of the barrel, no I did not save the best for last.  I included BAMify ads on this list because if you are truly strapped for cash, as in $0 ad budget, then here is an option for you.  It's a completely free network where you are both publisher  and advertiser, you earn credits as a publisher via impressions and in turn use them to advertise.  They don't allow adult sites or illegal stuff but aside from that they don't care where your impressions are coming from.  The weird thing about BAM though, is that I've found some really cool sites running ads on their network such as which is a site that (I think resells) genuinely cool knick knacks, go figure.

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