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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Free Unlimited Traffic? Yes!

    You read that right, free and unlimited.  And no I'm not going to make you opt-in to my list in exchange for some lame downline builder ebook that basically boils down to "get 25k hits a day by using autosurf exchanges!"  Spoiler alert for anyone who sees that ebook offer, they just give you a page similar to this blog post and tell you to add it to autosurf sites (which is kind of like a giant middle finger to the people running ads at those sites but whatevs).

    My unlimited free traffic trick doesn't require you to leave a bunch of autosurf sites open or waste other peoples ads by placing them in said sites, that and it doesn't take as long.  All you have to do is view a few pages and play 10 minutes of slots, that's it., I've mentioned this site before in a another blog post where I told you how to get 20k credits as an unadvertised bonus so you should already have an account there, now just go to that account and get some credits, viewing maybe two sites should be enough....then download their app (I'm not sure if it's available for iOS, but it is for android).  I can't find the link to the app on the site, so the following picture is the name and icon for it.

    Ok, you've downloaded this, now what?  Good question, login using your site info then go to the area called "Tragamonedas" this means slots in Spanish I guess, then play the game make sure you're playing 20 lines and the max bet (which is only 10) after that check it out......

    The slots game this site offers pays out crazy good, the other games not so much but maybe you can find success with them, but look at my results.....and these are consistent results, I went from 50 points to over 2000, in the span of 7 minutes and remember now points = traffic credits.  So yeah......

Theres that 2400 points I earned, in my account. It's a crazy amount of free traffic whenever you have 10 minutes to spare to get it.  Plus the way this site works is that you choose how many credits it costs to view your site, so if you don't mind a slow trickle of views you could potentially have views for a very long time based on what you win off slots.

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